2020 VIP Jersey

Announcing the Limited Edition 2020 VIP Jersey 

Those who raised $1,000 by July 20th will receive their  VIP Jerseys in time to Cycle In Sync! Those who hit the $1,000 threshold by the final deadline of November 1st will receive theirs in early winter.

Each year  hundreds of  our cyclists work extra hard to raise the funds that will help lead us to the cure and earn the privilege of wearing the coveted VIP Jersey. The deadline to receive your jersey in time to wear it on September 12th has passed but we will be placing a final order in November, for those who qualified after the initial deadline. An email will be sent to all those who qualify by November 1st. You must respond to the emailed selection form with your size and style, no later than November 7th.

All VIP Jerseys will be mailed to the address indicated on the selection form.

Please remember, If you are a part of a Team, each team member must fundraise individually. This is the only way we are able to track fundraising activity and assign VIP status accurately. All individual fundraising will also be counted in the team total.