Hillary shares her personal reasons for Cycling In Sync & why she fights the good fight!

Team Hall’n Ass Cycling In Sync for Cliff and all of those with PD

Steve, a long time member of the Ride Family, rides for his friend, Chris Woods!

Frank is interviewed by THE Pink Fluffy Unicorn about why he rides

Mary & Tom have lots of folks they are riding for, some are even featured in their video!

Wayne Maw Dares to be Different

Kris rides for many reasons, but most of all for a cure!

Team “Pedaling for Pat” rides in memory of beloved husband, father, and grandfather.

Amy Cycling In Sync for her brother, Vin!

Karen shares her raw and emotional reasons for Cycling In Sync

At 10, 8, and 12, Chase, JD, and Eliza wrote, choreographed, and videotaped their own movie for why their dad rides.

Lisa, a physical therapist, shares her heart for all people with PD, as she rides for her dad.

If Natalie and Avery’s reason for riding doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will!

Take a beautiful training ride with Fiona as she prepares to Cycle In Sync for her dad and all dads.

MeryEllen and her team, Bik’n Chicks Kick’n PD, will be Cycling In Sync in memory and in hope.

Mary’s fun and lighthearted video of why she rides can’t help but make you smile.

Another member of the awesome team, Dopamine Derailleurs, shares her unique family “training” ride.

Leah from the awesome team, Dopamine Derailleurs, shares her reasons for Cycling In Sync!

Long time ride participant, Susan, shares her passion for Cycling In Sync!

One of the youngest members of the Woods family training to Cycle In Sync!