Maps & Directions

Volunteers have graciously created a variety of ways for you to access maps & directions for all routes. They will also be well marked with color coded paint by route. Maps will be on display at start of the ride and at all rest stops, however, we suggest downloading one of the apps or printing out a copy for yourself before heading to Maine!

Please note, the routes may be subject to change based on circumstances beyond our control and will be communicated to all cyclists.

Tracking Information

We have tracking mats at certain locations on the 100, 62, 50 & 30 mile routes. Once the tracking link is live, you may visit the site and search for your family or friends to follow their progress. Please note, this is not LIVE tracking, it will only show the times that they enter and leave certain rest stops so you have a sense of where they are.

Directions for 100 Mile Ride

For those of you asking about the vertical gain, our volunteer cycling guru indicates that the 100 mile route is considered flat by New England standards and has 2156 elev gain per Strava recorded stats. The numbers on mapmyride may differ slightly.

Directions for 62 Mile Metric Century

The 62 mile route has 1,713 elev gain per MapMyRide recorded stats.

Directions for 50 Mile Ride

The 50 mile route is considered flat by New England standards and has 1,434 elev gain per MapMyRide recorded stats.

Directions for 30 Mile Ride

The vertical gain on the 30 mile route, per Strava recorded stats it has 568 elev gain.

Directions for 10 Mile Ride


  1. Create MapMyRide account on computer.  Need to specify an email address accessible from the phone in setup.
  2. Download MapMyRide app to phone
  3. Click on MapMyRide link on NEPR website
  4. Click on “Send to Phone” button above map….this actually sends an email with an OPEN ROUTE button
  5. Open the email on phone, click OPEN ROUTE and that should launch MapMyRide app.