New England Parkinson’s Ride

What are YOU doing to stay Healthy and Inspired?

We would love to hear from you.
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Chairman of the Board, Chris Woods, was the inspiration for the Ride when he was diagnosed with Early Onset PD nearly 14 years ago. Neither social distancing nor the weather will deter he and his wife, Terry, from preparing for our 13th annual ride!

How about a little Rock Steady Boxing?

Join our long-time cyclist, Brett Miller, and his online classes here.

Whether you have PD or love someone who does, here’s something that everyone can participate in and it takes only 20 minutes a day!

Another long-time Ride participant, Cheryl Marconi, a personal trainer who owns a gym in the Boston area, is posting daily 20 minute workouts on her gym’s Facebook page. Many of her Rock Steady Boxing clients have been tuning in for the workouts but this is something that all of us can do!
You can access Cheryl’s workouts here. (Just scroll down to “Videos”.)