New England Parkinson’s Ride

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest Sponsor, DopaFit! Although you may have met Chad Moir and his lovely wife Saba at one of our past rides, this is the first year they will be joining us in an official capacity. Chad is the founder of DopaFit, a Parkinson’s Movement Program that specializes in research and evidence based exercise for people living with PD.
DopaFit has just rolled out an incredible new initiative…The Limitless Experience!

And now…DopaFit will be providing a Limitless Experience to one of our very own!
If you or someone you love has Parkinson’s disease and yearns to reignite a lost passion or fulfill a dream that you or they thought that PD had taken away, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Chad and his team are passionate about removing the obstacles and fears that keep those dreams locked away.
Use the form below to nominate yourself or a loved one for the next Limitless Experience!
(All information will be kept confidential until/unless approved by the nominee.)