I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2013. My condition worsened after an ill-fated car accident in 2017 triggered chronic neck rigidity complications indirectly linked to Parkinson’s.

I learned about the New England Parkinson’s Ride from my Parkinson’s support group in 2017. That year, I helped fund-raise for one of my friends in the group who had a cycling team, and then later in September, my husband  and I volunteered on Ride Day in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I was so impressed with the experience and the people in this unique non-profit organization that in 2019 I formed my own fundraising / cycling team called “Soaring with Angels”. My husband and some of our friends joined in and rode 50 and 100 miles for the cause. Team Soaring with Angels returned again in 2019. However, on Ride Day Hurricane Dorian threatened torrential downpours over the region, but that didn’t deter my hardy cyclists. Our team braves the unseasonable chilly 30-mile ride. Truly a labor of love!

Since joining the “Ride Family”, I have been inspired with a renewed sense of purpose. Team Soaring with Angels has raised over $18,000 so far. I genuinely appreciate the dedication of my husband and our friends, as well as all the people who have donated to the New England Parkinson’s Ride these past few years.

Though 2020 brings a whole new set of challenges, we simply cannot give up.

That’s why Soaring with Angels will be Cycling in Sync on September 12th!