NEPR Fundraising Continues Through Year End With Matching Donations from Our Sponsors

To date, the 2017 New England Parkinson’s Ride has raised an incredible $777,848 (already surpassing last year’s total of $711,290 by 10%).
Thanks to the more than 1,000 cyclists, 250 volunteers and 44 sponsors who made it all possible.
And we’re not done yet… fundraising for this year’s ride is open through the end of the year.
Take Advantage of Matching Donations Throughout November
In yet another incredible act of generosity and commitment to finding a cure, our sponsors have offered to match all donations dollar for dollar, up to $30,000, for the entire month of November.
Now is the time to reach out to friends and family members who intended to donate but never got around to it. Encourage them to give now to double the impact of their donations.
If you would like a list of your donors, simply follow the instructions  here.
How Do I Process My Donation Checks?
Find the answer to this important question and many others on our FAQ page.
Send Us Your Ride Photos
We are in need of the following photos that showcase our valued sponsors:

Wind flags on the tracking mats

Cyclists eating GU and Raw Rev bars

Cyclists and volunteers hanging out near “This rest stop sponsored by” signs

Front and backs of VIP jerseys and shirts

We are compiling ride photos for all to enjoy and will share them soon. Please send photos to us via Dropbox or other file sharing platform.
Many thanks to photographer Ken Williams who has dedicated countless hours
to helping us capture and manage the visual aspects of our ride.

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